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Who am I?

by admin on October 7, 2013

Who Am I Lord? (Identity in Christ/Exchanged Life) from drphinney on GodTube.


Everybody gets on me because I am constantly saying that EVERYTHING, EVERY PROBLEM, EVERY LIFE ISSUE is solved by identity.
They say I go to the extreme.
But I am extremely LOVED! He calls me His Precious Treasure! This is my true identity.
It was hard to accept at first, but when I did, my entire life upended.
My marrige is awesome because of it. Imagine, me having a happy and fulfilling marrige! Who would have ever guessed? For 11 years I fought trying to do it myself. I could not. But now I actually have it. I have the type of marrige that books are written about. And not the counseling ones! :-) I love my wife because I know who I am.
No longer do I have to “be” rich, or “be” successful. By faith I am complete in Him. So whether I make money or not, it does not matter. I am no longer defined by this.
Some people look at me as I preach this message constantly that I act too “spiritual”. But what they are really saying is that they exist more on a worldly level.
I am seated with Christ in heaven right now. This is “more” true than anything my eyes see.
If you believe in Christ, you are too. Really.. If you are in Christ, YOU are a new, AND PERFECT creation!
So why are you so down?

I am no longer suicidal!   And I used to be.

Christ is your answer.

He is like none of your circumstances.  He NEVER changes.  He never bends.  He is a ROCK that can be trusted.

Why is this so good?

Because He LOVES YOU!

You are LOVED!!!

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Se você é suicida, olha este! Se você é suicida, olha este! If you are suicidal, watch this!

October 1, 2013

Você é valioso! Vós valeis mais do que eles dizem. Você é amado. Mas você tem que acreditar!   Usted es valioso! Ustedes valen más de lo que dicen. Ustedes son amados. Pero hay que creer!   You are valuable! You are worth more than they say. You are loved. But you MUST BELIEVE!  

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Suicidio, Santa Maria, Brazil

January 30, 2013

Ontem estávamos orando pelas famílias do Santa Maria Brasil fogo. Ontem, enquanto eu estava orando, eu pensei que eu precisava para escrever um post para incentivá-lo. Esta manhã eu li que Elissandro Spohr, um dos proprietários do clube, tentou se matar. Se você está lendo isso, talvez você tem os mesmos pensamentos. Deus está vivo. […]

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¿Cómo puedo estar en el otro lado del suicidio?

October 8, 2012

Movie Recording from Mark Russell on Vimeo.   ¿Cómo puedo estar en el otro lado del suicidio?¿Cómo puede ser que yo tengo la esperanza?¿Cómo puede alguien escapar de sentimientos tan desesperadas? ¿Es Posible para escapar de los sentimientos de suicidio? Yo lo hice. Bueno, no lo hice, sino por la fe en Cristo, Él me […]

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September 26, 2012
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Es un miraglo!

November 12, 2011

Perdon porque eso post es de mi cellular y no tengo el tranductor. Pero, estoy en los montanias ya y es un miraglo porque 19 anos atras estaba la ultimo ves sientimente sin esporasa.

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Today I feel sad. But there is hope.

December 21, 2010

Here’s how I felt the next day. Just wanted to post this video today when I was sad. Whenever others I’ve posted a video of what it was when I was happy. In this way, you may think “This man does not understand.” Well, believe me, I do. Although not really like posting a video […]

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Mensaje de esperanza a partir de 40 metros de altura.

October 24, 2010

¡Hay esperanza! No se preocupe. Hay esperanza. Compré este sitio sólo para ser capaz de decirte esto solo mensaje. Durante muchos años he luchado con el suicidio y la depresión. Pero ahora no. Estoy muy contento de que no me mata. Sólo quiero decirles que hay Esperanza!

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Habaneros Por La Vida!

October 19, 2010

Spanish Timmy Ost y yo apenas tuvimos la oportunidad de comer un poco de chile habanero y hablar sobre el hecho de que las cosas que Dios nos permite vivir no siempre son faciles ni agradables, pero tenemos que mantener nuestros ojos en la meta. Necesitamos soñarlo_ Tenemos que planerlo_ Tenemos que vivirlo_ Tenemos que […]

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